EFRAG Outreach on Intangibles

EFRAG Outreach on Intangibles 2022-05-17 AMAVI partnered with LES France and its IP Valuation Committee, with l’Observatoire de l’Immatériel and the task force dedicated to Intangibles at the French Accounting Association, to organize an EFRAG outreach on the Discussion Paper “Better information on Intangibles – Which is the best way to go?”. It is possible […]

AMAVI announcement at LESI Annual Conference

AMAVI announcement at the LESI Annual Conference 2022-05-10 AMAVI had its ‘Première’ at the beautiful Palazzo del Cinema at the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) Annual Conference in Venice, Italy. Prof. Véronique Blum (President of AMAVI) and Levente Pethő (General Secretary) promoted the AMAVI IP Valuation Certificate to the LESI community.