Course Information

Basic Information

The first IP Valuation Certificate Program is being presented in Paris, France, from September to November 2022.

Course Dates

Course Block 1: October 2022

Course Block 2: November 2022

Course Block 3: December 2022

Exam: Date to be confirmed

IP Valuation Report submission: Date to be confirmed

Course Location

Paris, France


The full program costs € 8100, but the inaugural course is presented at an exceptional launch price of € 5600, which includes:

  • tuition fees, lunch and coffee for the 3 course blocks of 3 days each
  • 1 x exam
  • 1 x IP valuation report evaluation
  • 1-year membership of LES France


Payments: 30% on registration, 70% on completion of first block.


Application for the French CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation) is in progress.

Detailed Curriculum

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3