The value of IP for startups – Global Startup Awards Africa Summit

Panel discussion: the value of IP for startups 2022-06-14 On the 14th of June 2022, the finalists of the Africa Startup Awards were announced at the Global Startup Awards Africa Summit. Sean Moolman of AMAVI joined Madelein Kleyn (Vice President of LESI) and Ralph van Niekerk (Von Seidels) for a panel discussion on the value […]

Workshop on Extra-financial Reporting

Workshop on Extra-financial Reporting 2022-06-21 Véronique Blum and the Task Force dedicated to intangibles are organizing a workshop in Nice on the topic “Extra-financial reporting: the new developments”. This event is co-organized by Elisabeth Walliser and Corinne Bessieux-Ollier, co-directors of the task force. Patrick de Cambourg and Chiara del Prete will be our keynotes speakers.