AMAVI (Association for Management and Valuation of Intangibles) is a non-profit created in partnership with LESI (Licensing Executives Society International) to develop and offer the premier globally recognized professional qualification in intellectual property (IP) valuation.

The ability to value intangible assets, and specifically intellectual property, has never been more important than today, where over 90% of the S&P 500 companies’ value consists of intangible assets.

This is the first international certification of its kind focused exclusively on IP valuation and covering the topic in-depth.


The dramatic global shift from product to service to data economy has given rise to a similar shift in the relative value of tangible vs. intangible assets for companies. In 1975, intangible assets were 17% of the S&P 500 companies’ value. By 2020, this number had risen to 90%.

Thus, the ability to value intangible assets, and specifically intellectual property, has never been more important than today.

In 2013, the European Commission issued the Final Report from the Expert Group on Intellectual Property Valuation. The report concluded that “Having an authoritative or regulatory body that sets standards and provides certifications on a global basis would improve the current limitations with regards to IP valuation work.”

In 2020, the IP Valuation Committee of the Licensing Executives Society (LESI) decided to act on this, by developing a comprehensive IP Valuation course and certification. The intention is for this certificate to become globally recognized as the premier professional IP valuation qualification.  

As a result, AMAVI (Association for Management and Valuation of Intangibles) was formed, with the sole focus of creating this IP Valuation Certificate.


The training team consists exclusively of highly recognized IP Valuation professionals, one of them having been a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on IP Valuation.

Prof. Véronique Blum


PhD Management Sciences (Finance)

Associate Professor in Finance, Université Grenoble-Alpes, France. President: StradiValue. President: IP Valuation Committee, LES France. Board member: LES France & Observatoire de l’Immatériel.

Dr. André Gorius


PhD Process Engineering, Professeur Agrégé in Physics

34-year industrial, R&D, licensing and IP Valorization veteran of the Solvay Group in France, USA and Italy. Chair: LESI IP Valuation Committee. Lecturer in Valuation of Intangibles at EMLyon.

Levente Pethő

General Secretary

M Economics

IP Management Consultant and Partner at Danubia Patent and Law Office, Hungary. Member of LESI IP Valuation Committee, Board member of LES Hungary.



Dr. Sean Moolman

Vice President

PhD Chemical Engineering, RTTP

Founder of the Moolman Institute, an online learning institute in technology commercialisation. COO of PowerOptimal. Previous head of technology transfer at the CSIR, South Africa.

Prof Ahmed Bounfour

PhD Strategic Management

Professor at University Paris-Sud, European Chair on Intellectual capital management.


Dr. Fernando da Cruz Vasconcellos

PhD Chem Eng, MRICS

Valuation Director at Valuation Consulting, formerly Academic Programme Director (CJBS) at Cambridge University.

Jon Ander Gómez

MSc Engineering

Head of Intangible Valuation at Espacio H&A, President: IP Valuation Committee, LES Spain & Portugal.


Peter Kaldos

MSc Law and Economics

Member of the Expert Group on IP Valuation appointed by the European Commission (Report of 2014), Independent IP Valuation specialist, formerly analyst at the Hungarian IP Office.